On 16 January 2015, Casio Singapore launched the Casio Cares Programme, aimed at providing all students an equal opportunity to have access to the tools necessary for their academic development.

Students beginning their first year in junior colleges, centralized institutions and the Integrated Programme Schools are eligible for the Casio Cares Programme. Upon purchasing the Casio fx-9860GIIs from all authorized retailers in Singapore, students are required to register their product and information online at in order to qualify for a rebate of S$60.00 upon their graduation.

All students who purchased and sign-up for the Casio Cares programme may exchange their Casio fx-9860GIIs graphing calculators in order to receive the S$60.00 rebate.

Additionally, students from low-income families - with a combined household income of less than two thousand and five hundred Singapore dollars - are eligible for the Casio Cares free-to-loan programme. Through this added initiative, Casio will commit to loaning the Casio fx-9860GIIs graphing calculator to the students up till their graduation.

As part of Casio's corporate and social responsibility initiatives, Casio Singapore will donate a part of the returned Casio fx-9860GIIs to developing regional countries to aid students in their academic progression.


The Casio Cares Programme is open to all Singapore junior college, centralized institutions and Integrated Programme students only.

Online Registration for Casio Cares Programme

  • Name (as in NRIC / Passport)
  • NRIC / Passport number (for foreign student)
  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Name of School / Institution
  • School admission slip or student ID
  • Fx-98660GIIs Serial number
  • Proof of Purchase or receipt (Non FAS Students)
  • Combined household salary slips (for FAS students only)

Rebate procedure

Students who are eligible for the Casio Cares Programme should visit the Casio Singapore Customer Service Centre at 111 Somerset Road, #09-02, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164 and bring along the following documents / information:

  • Registered Calculator
  • NRIC
  • Proof of purchase (e.g. receipt / warranty card with date of purchase stamped)

Registration for Free-To-Loan Programme for MOE FAS Students

Students who are eligible for the Free-To-Loan programme may contact Casio Singapore for assistance. The availability of the free-to-loan units is limited, and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Terms and conditions apply.

Students under the Financial Assistance Scheme will be required to register their information in the form provided, and submit their combined household income, and other supporting documents. FAS students will not be required to submit a Proof of Purchase or receipt. 

Once the information is verified by Casio Singapore, an email will be sent to the student within 5-working days. FAS students can then collect the Casio fx-9860GIIs from the Casio Singapore Customer Service Centre at 111 Somerset Road, #09-02A, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164, with the following documents / information:

  • Students, whose combined household incomes less than $2,500 per month are eligible for the Free-To-Loan programme.
  • NRIC / Passport of the student(s)
  • Proof from School / Institution for MOE FAS Students (e.g. offical letter issued by school to confirm the student is under MOE FAS)

Terms and Conditions

  • The Casio Cares Programme 2015 starts 16-January, 2015 and will end 31-March 2015.
  • The Casio Cares Programme applies only to fx-9860GIIs graphing calculators purchased from authorized Casio retailers only. For more information about Casio authorized retailers, please visit
  • Students are required to register their details and the product serial number accurately and fully in order to qualify for the Casio Cares Programme.
  • Students shall be required to return their calculators in good condition within 3-months after their graduation, in order to qualify for the rebate.
  • Students must provide proof of graduation in order to receive the rebate of S$60.00 at the point of returning the fx-9860GIIs calculators to Casio Singapore.
  • Students must produce their proof of purchase and return the Casio fx-9860GIIs in good working condition in order to qualify for the rebate.
  • Students under the free-to-loan programme are not eligible for the S$60.00 rebate upon graduation.
  • Casio Singapore reserves the right to discontinue this programme at any time if unforeseen circumstances arise. Students who have registered before the announcement of discontinuation will still be entitled for the S$60.00 rebate.

Students will not be eligible for the rebate if the calculators they returned fall into the following circumstances:

  • Structural damage with internal circuitry exposed
  • Scratches that would result in the total refurbishment and/or replacement of the calculator’s case and/or structure
  • Modifications to the structure and/or design of the calculator in such that it can no longer be recognized as a Casio product, nor function normally
  • Any and all damage to the display of the calculator such that it can no longer display equations clearly
  • Any and all damage to the buttons of the calculator, causing the calculator to be fully or partially unresponsive to user input
  • Modification of the calculator software, and/or installation of unauthorized software
  • Casio reserves the right to reject any claims for rebate at its own discretion
  • Information regarding the collection of the rebate shall be published in all major newspapers, as well as on .

Available at all Casio Authorised Retailers:
Visit for the list of Casio Authorised Retailers.


Notice: Free set for MOE FAS student is not allowed to register for this programme.